In the past hours, Ms Anne Fenech, Mayor of St. Paul’s Bay, has been battling and replying to various comments and complaints on Facebook with regards to the rubbish situation within the locality. 

The thread started by Ms Catherine Mercieca, posting a photo of the rubbish situation (which believe me, we feel ashamed for even though we didn’t do it ourselves!); and with many commenting about the fact that it seems that on this tiny island, no matter what one tries to do, there are always those few who ruin it all and who couldn’t care less! Fines, cameras, protests and whatnot were mentioned. 

Image: Catherine Mercieca – Facebook

The plea for help from Ms Graziella Vassallo Mercieca towards St. Paul’s Bay mayor, show the level of desperation that these residents are living with. It is very unfair that a resident, in any locality, should have to battle with this monstrosity after day. It’s not just a question of paying taxes and not getting serviced right, but also a matter of hygiene. 

Graziella Vassallo Theuma comment

Image: Graziella Vassallo Theuma – Facebook

Various suggestions were dished out, like for example supervision of certain so-called hotspots, fines, calling the police when one sees someone dumping rubbish where they should not, installing CCTV cameras to catch the culprits of such filthiness… all valid suggestions, but let’s be honest.. .has that ever stopped anything from happening in Malta? Very rarely, right?

More photos of the filth around St. Paul’s Bay were posted, and may we say we were in awe! We are Maltese, and we are obviously round and about every day, but never have we seen such state around! St. Paul’s Bay seems to be really out of control!!! And this is portrayed as being a major tourist hub… is this what we want tourists to see? Is this the image we want them to go back to their country with? And ,is this the impression we want to leave on them – that of being a dirty country with residents who couldn’t care less about the people around them and themselves for all that matters!?

At one point (and this we did not appreciate), Ms Anne Fenech was also attacked by someone saying that she should be off Facebook and doing her job as a Mayor. Some believe she is and agree that she cannot do it alone. Others, said they thought she was not doing enough, because it was not only a question of rubbish collection but also the state of the roads. People kept bombarding the thread with various complaints, which shows the level of disarray many localities seem to be suffering from. Ma Yasmin tabone who was following the thread, however, made a good point …

Yasmin Tabone

Now, here we were talking about issues in St. Paul’s Bay, and let’s be honest, we are not with Ms Fenech every day however are sure she tries to do her best for her locality. A locality which has grown in disproportion and that maybe, just maybe, should have more than one Mayor – we think.

Anyhow, it looks like one needs to put their feet down and find a quick solution to this humongous problem! St. Paul’s Bay residents deserve better, we all do for all that matters! We encourage authorities to help Mayors on this issue which seems to be getting worse by the hour!