The use of stale bread has its roots in the culinary tradition of the past, when the waste was banned, especially against some foods considered precious and vital. Hot bread is no exception, especially with that comforting, enveloping scent, synonymous with affection, softness and fragrance.

Making it at home has always been a tradition important to reduce food-related costs, but also to offer a long-lasting and always fresh product. This has led mothers to grandmothers to reuse it several times, so as to avoid unnecessary waste even after several days: an attitude that goes against the trend of today’s incorrect use. And yet it is very easy to turn stale bread into original and tasty dishes: just a little imagination to combine with the many regional recipes that characterise the boot.


If a bit of stale bread is leftover, here’s how to turn it into mouth-watering appetisers with an intense flavor and incredible crunchiness: for example, you can’t miss the classic bruschetta, easy to make. Just cut the bread into slices and let it toast in the oven or in the pan, then rub on the raw garlic. Separately prepare the sauce by mixing in a bowl chopped tomatoes with capers, basil and fresh thyme to be chopped, thinly sliced ​​raw onion, olive oil and a pinch of salt: pour over the bread with the spoon and serve.