Baby Yoda , the latest tender creature from the Star Wars universe and the true protagonist of the Mandalorian series was the missed guest that many expected to see in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker . There is therefore no trace of the mysterious baby in the film, but someone may have already understood what the inevitable link that unites the Disney + series with the film franchise is.

Specifically, Baby Yoda could be linked to the return of Palpatine . In the film we see him re-emerge, after everyone was convinced that he finally got rid of him, in a gruesome form of semi-zombie, nailed to a car that seems to have come out of Blame! . Looking at this monster, one senses that Palpatine’s body that we see is not the original, this is because the damage caused to him was too large. It could be a clone, a sort of duplicate born from Kamino’s technologies .

In the first episodes of The Mandalorian we talk about Strand-cast , a new term in the Star Wars universe that identifies beings created through genetic engineering by mixing various DNAs, therefore not simple clones. As for Baby Yoda, it is specified that this child of prodigious strength is coveted as the subject of some experiments. Why it is so precious could be linked to the mystery of  Palpatine ‘s resurrection : what we see in the film is not a simple clone but a strand-cast project. But how could the Sith’s powers be transferred to another body, as Palpatine hoped to do with Rey? Baby Yoda, who according to the Hollywood Reporter, comes into playit could keep within itself the properties necessary for the transfer. In this way, The Mandalorian could integrate organically with the latest big screen chapter of the science fiction saga.