You know when you see a good idea? A light bulb lights up right above your head and you try find ways to imitate that good idea… This is one of them…

In Istanbul, they’re facing two problems: stray dogs and plastic waste that dirty roads, sidewalks and gardens. They tried the solution with automatic dispensers, where plastic bottles are deposited and in return you receive free food and water for stray dogs and cats. In the city of Bursa instead green shelters are built for stray animals with recycled materials. Brilliant right?!

Turkey dispenser

Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities with stray dogs and cats: according to statistics there are at least 150 thousand. With serious problems both from the point of view of public hygiene and with regard to safety. Various environmental associations have fought to avoid a massacre of these animals that often disappear in the kennels.

Here is the project that, at the same time, allows to reduce the production of waste, increase the recycling of materials otherwise destined to block the disposal chain, and save many stray animals in the city. The plan called Pugedon, was developed by the company JSC Yucesan and provides for the installation of some vending machines that, in exchange for bottles and plastic waste, deliver food and water for abandoned and stray dogs and cats. Starting from the expensive crunches.

In this way it is possible to start recycling a larger quantity of bottles and support animals in difficulty, guaranteeing them a meal.

The devices for the transformation of bottles into food are mainly located near parks and public gardens: all citizens, before proceeding with recycling, can pour the water that remains in the bottles inside special bowls intended for stray dogs.