Contrary to what one might think, the appearance of stretch marks is not only a female problem and does not depend only on lifestyle, but also on genetics, hormonal changes, and pubertal development. 

In these cases, the loss of firmness associated with water retention of the tissues is obviously not controllable, but can only be contained and mitigated in its effects thanks to the remedies of modern cosmetic medicine.

stretch marksYet, however effective, there are no miracle cosmetics that can permanently eliminate stretch marks. If applied regularly, creams can at most minimise imperfections ensuring hydration and elasticity to damaged skin. When choosing products, it is also important not to improvise, but always to hear the opinion of an expert dermatologist.

Another habit rather widespread to unmask the stretch marks is to use lamp tanning. The latter have little effect on the “critical” areas which, despite exposure to the rays, will always remain clearer than the rest of the body. So rather than make them less visible, the tan paradoxically helps to showcase them and to make matters worse, creating an uneven complexion.

If the tan is not very effective in fighting orange peel, the same cannot be said about the diet. Experts suggest drinking to keep the skin well hydrated and taking foods rich in vitamin A, C and E, such as carrots, blueberries, avocados, nuts and peppers, help repair damaged tissues.