Are there differences in treatment outcomes depending on whether the doctors are men or women? A group of American researchers wondered…

So they analysed the statistics on hospital admissions in the USA. To ensure the comparability of the data, patients 65 or older (the average was 80.1 years) taken into consideration, were hospitalised in general practice.

male female doctor.

The result that emerged was that female doctors’ patients would have a lower mortality rate and a lower relapse rate compared to the patients of male doctors. The difference is not huge but it does exist. It is noteworthy given that the data used is statistically significant, and above all that these concern the patients treated, not only those most at risk.

From where this difference would come: according to the researchers it would be due to the fact that, according to the scientific literature, female doctors follow clinical guidelines more closely, as well as more standardised examinations, as well as more often using a patient-centered communication , compared to male colleagues.