Here comes the new research that no mother really needed… since they all already knew what the outcome would be…

This new study reveals that all that nagging, searching, scurrying and generally losing our sh!t to get out our little ones ready for school, is bloody hard work. I know, surprise! Right?

The research found that over a week, mothers spend approximately a full day’s paid work getting the kids ready and off to school before the bell chimes!

So if you ever feel like you have worked an extra day by the time you get to the office on a Friday morning, it’s because you have. All that nagging to eat breakfast, pestering to brush teeth and then taking over to shove shoes on because you ARE GOING TO BE LATE, adds up. And no wonder mothers are exhausted. That’s a whole extra day’s work.

But you all knew that, right? Every single parent on the planet knows that. But now we have a study to prove it, just in case we all forgot!