Yes you read well! Suck it all up – With the Dyson V10!!!!

Let’s face it, Dyson makes the best cordless stick vac… The Dyson V10 is a good example of this. Over the years, Dyson have released various models with improvements in every model from bin capacity, style, battery type and capacity and last but not least suction power.

Dyson V10 Review

Dyson V10 Absolute
Image courtesy of Dyson UK

We have all at one point in time been frustrated with heavy corded vacuum cleaners that are bulky and a hassle when having to unplug and plug in a new location as the cord is not long enough.

We decided to put the Dyson V10 to the test and see if it lives up to it’s hype and expectations. The V10 comes in 3 different variations – one comes with a bit more accessories than the other but the battery and motor are the same in all 3 models. We got our hands on the Absolute variant which is the top of the range model with almost all the available accessories.

Battery and Charging

On arrival it needed a full charge of 3.5 hours so we decided to leave it overnight to make sure it got a good first charge. Meanwhile we explored the box contents and had a look at all the available attachments. The box also housed a docking station that sticks to the wall and also a power plug that attaches to the dock for quick and easy drop in charging.

Included Attachments

  • A torque driven cleaning head with for all types of floors and especially good for carpets.
  • A smaller version of the latter for using directly attached to the Dyson V10 without the extension pole.
  • A soft roller woven nylon head with a large front opening for collecting larger debris.
  • A¬†Crevice tool for those hard to reach places.
  • A combination tool with soft brushes.
  • A soft dusting brush.
Dyson V10 Accessories
Image courtesy of Dyson UK


We have tested the Dyson V10 on ceramic tiles, wood flooring, short and long pile carpets, we also put down some dust of our own in hard to reach areas and yes… it’s all gone!

The Dyson V10 has 3 power settings offering up to 60 mins of run time (which we have tested and is somewhat true… in fact 61 minutes to be more precise) on the lower settings which is more than sufficient for day to day cleaning.

The medium and max settings are more useful if you have a small area of dirt that needs quick collection. Maybe a thick pile carpet that needs a deep clean or even a mattress and fabric sofa. Just use your imagination.. this Dyson V10 can suck it all up no mater what!

Finally, to empty the reasonably sized canister is very easy, just remove the extension pole, pull the leaver of the canister pointing towards a bin and you’re done.. all the dust is shot down into the bin with no mess at all. It also has one easy to clean filter that just needs to be run under cold tap water and left to air dry very well once in a while.

The Cons

The only downside to this beast is its price, but from what we have seen it will serve its purpose for many years to come even if used daily. Dyson claim the V10 batteries will remain at 80% capacity after 15 years of use.

Overall this is an impressive piece of tech for your home that will revolutionise the way you clean.

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