In these days a new anomaly emerges for the many users who are still linked to the so-called Huawei P9. The smartphone was launched three years ago, yet many still use it as if it had only a few months to live. Its software development has now come to a standstill, as often happens with the Chinese brand’s products at this age… however, its hardware sector is always appreciable for those who do not have very great needs from this point of view.

Yet some anomalies begin to be more frequent than necessary. A few weeks ago we got to know about some bugs regarding the memory of the same Huawei P9, while now I learn from the Asian manufacturer that in some situations it may be necessary to change the battery. And be careful, I am not referring to problems of autonomy, which cannot be ignored after so many cycles.

The bug concerns a specific usage situation for the same Huawei P9. In detail, we talk about sudden shutdowns after taking a photo, despite the battery’s remaining battery life being well over 50%. Cases that are not at all isolated, as I have seen, to the point that many people know that they have faced similar situations in the past.

What are the remedies we can implement to put an anomaly of this kind behind us? According to the feedback available through the owners of a Huawei P9, there is nothing to do but to replace the battery. The bug reported on June 20, in fact, would not be tied to any software anomaly according to the available information. Has a situation like this happened to you?