With the arrival of the summer season, we leave for the holidays and for many the age-old problem of plants and their survival during our absence returns. If we have not succeeded in agreeing with the neighbour or a trusted person, there are some tricks to enjoy relaxation without particular thoughts.

The first step is to place the plants, which should not be left in the dark especially if accustomed to a long exposure: the advice is to move them to an environment that remains illuminated and allows air to circulate. Plants must also be placed close together to ensure that humidity increases and perspiration is promoted. For those on the terrace or balcony, especially in the hottest hours, it would be advisable to fix them in the shade of a tent to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Another fundamental point is that of watering and the solutions depend on the time spent away from home. If it is a classic quick escape; a few days will suffice to abundantly water all the plants, thus creating a reserve. If the absence is more prolonged (and exceeds four days) you can proceed by placing a layer of expanded clay about 5 cm filled with water in the saucer, so that the plant can absorb it gradually.

For longer holidays there are two solutions. The first is “external” and consists of placing a 1.5-litre bottle full upside down in the ground along with 6 strips of fabric already soaked in water, while the second is that of sub-irrigation. This time the bottle must be buried in the pot, taking care to leave the plugged neck outside, and small holes must be created over its entire surface to allow the liquid to gradually transfer.