The Sun reports about a sunbather 3ft from being crushed when the frozen airplane stowaway plunged 3,500ft into his garden is too traumatised to return home.

His name is John Baldock and he was in his back garden when the frozen body fell from the landing gear of a Kenyan Airways jet coming to land at Heathrow on Sunday.

Image: The Sun

The Oxford University graduate was just inches from the falling body, which left a crater in the garden of the £2.3million home he rents in Clapham, South London.

Speaking to The Sun today, a neighbour said: “I was in the kitchen and there was a huge noise. It shook the kitchen. I thought my house was falling down. I went upstairs and looked out window and saw the body. John had been out sunbathing.

He is a lodger and is friends with Bob the owner. I saw John outside he was shaking and trembling. He wasn’t saying anything. He could hardly speak. My husband called the police. It was horrific.

The corpse fell from the passenger plane at around 3.30pm as it came in to land at Heathrow following a nine-hour flight from Nairobi.

Airline workers said a bag, water and stash of food were later found in the plane’s landing gear – where the stowaway had been hiding.

The body only narrowly missed a packed Clapham Common and High Street where families were out in their droves in the 30C heatwave.

John, who rents a room in the four-storey house from pal Bob Renwick, is said to be struggling to come to terms with the ordeal and is being comforted by parents Michael and Phi.

John’s friend said: “He was so lucky not to be hit and killed. The impact obliterated the body. He didn’t even realise what it was to begin with. He was asleep and then there was a huge impact. The body literally landed one metre away from him and was obliterated. My friend was very shaken. There were a few of us in the house at the time and it was lucky only one of us was in the garden. Nobody would have survived being hit. The impact was horrific.

Image: The Sun

John has been living in the property for around six months, moving in while working for Bob’s firm Plexi, based in Bermondsey, London, and Birmingham.

Another neighbour added: “I heard a whomp so I went to look out the window. At first I thought it was a tramp asleep. He had all his clothes on and everything. I had a closer look. I saw there was blood all over the walls of the garden and his head was not in a good way.

The Clapham resident said a plane spotter, who had been following flight KQ100 on an app from Clapham Common, had seen the body fall, and arrived almost at the same time as the police. He added: “I spoke to Heathrow and they said this happens once every five years. There was a previous man who was frozen and this one, he was like an ice block.

The Kenya Airways flight passed over the house just after 3.30pm on Sunday — descending to around 3,500ft and flying at 200mph as it prepared to land.

Landlord Bob Renwick’s brother said John “very badly shaken“. He added: “It was a narrow miss. The garden isn’t very big. There was more than a lot of blood. It wasn’t pretty and caused a significant amount of damage.”

The force of the impact was so severe that police were initially unable to tell whether the body was male or female. It is now understood the man was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Forensics examined the scene for five hours before removing evidence.

One female resident said: “There was an almighty bang. My husband went out into the street where my neighbour was standing on the phone to the police. He was really shaken up. He’d been in the garden when it happened and the body must have landed so close to where he was. My husband came back in and I asked him what was going on and he said ‘haven’t you seen the man? The man who fell from the sky?’ I wondered what he was talking about and went up to see for myself and there in the middle of the lawn was a body of a man.”