This weather has left our cars looking awful, at least mine looks dirty and IS dirty! Washing cars takes time and quite an effort, let’s be honest. Unless you pay for somebody to do it for you, it’s a tedious job! 

We have come across a super absorbent car towel that promised to dry your car easily. Temptation struck and we got one to check it out! Guess what? It really does help do a good and quick job! It was quite easy to get the job done quickly and efficiently. No more wringing continuously and taking ages to get the car dry. We tried to use it on the car’s interiors when it was dry and it does a good job there too! 

All in all we were satisfied with this product and would recommend it to those of you who actually like washing your own car… but if you do not, you can still use it for other surfaces you know! 

You can purchase this item by clicking HERE! It only costs 14.99!!!