Superheroes? Star Wars? What have these got in common?! …. Science, of course! From Iron Man’s helmet to Jedi lightsabres, the Superheroes & Star Wars in Science event combines the thunderous powers of superheroes with the galactic technology of the Star Wars Saga.

The event will look at the incredible super abilities and latest technology behind superheroes battling crime, and how Star Wars has often anticipated and inspired real-life technology from maglev trains to human like robots. Explore the creative fusion between science fiction and science fact and see who might win – is it Batman or Darth Vader. Are today’s Superhero and Star Wars films on their way to becoming science fact in the future?

Euro Forum Media in collaboration with Esplora will offer special outputs, exhibitions and presentations related to Superheroes and Star Wars characters and their stories. Our goal is to make use of some specific scientific topics which allows a more dramatic approach in order to offer a more immersive experience to our visitors.  The aim of this event is to engage the young and the young at heart’s sense of curiosity and fun to explore science through Superheroes, Star Wars and their futuristic gadgets, vehicles and planets.

The Superheroes & Star Wars in Science will be open for school students at the age of 6+ on Thursday 28th – Friday 29th November between 9:00 – 15:00.

Entry ticket of €3 each student, includes Esplora’s main exhibitions, science shows, thematic exhibits and basking around all the centre. For bookings send an email to: [email protected]