The Supermetabolism diet allows you to lose 9 kg in just under a month. Also known as Fast metabolism diet, it was designed by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy.

The food program in question is structured over 4 weeks. Each of them in turn is divided into 3 phases according to the days of the week.

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The first two are characterised by the possibility of consuming a high quantity of carbohydrates, preferably whole. In this phase, which aims to trigger the so-called metabolic fire, the consumption of fruit and vegetables is also essential. To optimise the effects of the Monday and Tuesday diet, Pomroy recommends combining high-intensity aerobic physical activity with the diet .

The next phase, which concerns Wednesday and Thursday, provides for a prevalence of protein intake and a decrease in carbohydrate and lipid intake. In this case, the main objective is to start the consumption of lipid reserves. Even at this phase there are specific indications for physical activity, which must be an anaerobic type.

As for the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, remember that all foods are allowed, even those characterised by the presence of lipids.

The scheme of the Supermetabolism diet, regardless of the phase, involves the consumption of five meals a day (three main and two snacks). As an indication, you should eat every 3/4 hours (except for night-time hours).

This diet – which prohibits foods characterised by the presence of refined sugars but also coffee, alcohol, fruit juices and dried fruit – must be started after consulting your doctor.

As far as the ideal daily schemes are concerned, a hypothetical breakfast on Monday can include a fresh fruit smoothie with pancakes prepared with buckwheat flour. As a snack a fruit salad, while dinner you can have a tuna salad with vegetables.

On protein-oriented days, as a breakfast you can prepare a tasty vegetable omelette and for a snack a slice of turkey breast. Instead, for the evening meal the steamed fish with vegetables of your choice is very good (preferably organic).

REMEMBER: Before starting the diet, it is good to consult your doctor.