Video game developer Dontnod Entertainment has unveiled its new videogame title, Tell Me Why, at Microsoft’s X019 event in London after the success of the previous Life Is Strange saga. The video game, whose chapters will be released for the Xbox system next summer, promises to be a psychological adventure focused on  twins looking for the truth about their past. But as can be seen from the trailer above, the peculiarity of this new work is to put at the centre for the first time a main playing character who is also a transgender.

To develop the protagonist Tyler Ronan, who is a trans boyfriend, game director Florent Guillaume and Xbox creative director Joseph Staten worked closely with Glaad, the American association that deals with the representation of the LGBT + community in the media. The intention was to give an authentic representation of the life, emotions and fears of transsexual people without falling as often happens in the usual cliches. The result , at least according to the official statement, is that of “a compelling and fully realised character, whose history is not reduced to simplistic trans places “.

Last year the same association had introduced in their own Glaad Media Awards an unpublished category dedicated to video games, to accredit therefore the effort that also in this sector is made for the LGBT + representation , even if Tell Me Why actually seems to be the first video game to pose as a protagonist a transsexual person. The association then reviewed the script of the game, gave advice on character development and also initiated a training process not only on the history of the transsexual movement but also on the world in which transgender people were represented in the media over the years. The goal of the creators, who have hired the trans actor August Black to double the character, was however to propose a universal experience : “Tyler is a young man with great values, with positive elements but also negative ones that make him simply human “, they declared.