The plane is still in flight. At one point, the screams. Word of mouth is immediate. “Someone tried to open the exit door.” Fear spreads.

On the plane there is Giuseppe De Ceglie from Pistoia. He is aboard an Easy Jet plane that is bringing him back from London and some family members (including two children) and friends to Pisa. It’s about 5pm, the landing phase has already begun. “We were approaching the Galilei and I heard a cry coming from the first rows. There and then we thought that someone had been sick”.

Then the silence. “A stewardess approached very calmly a man who appeared agitated. Then, other very calm and professional stewards arrived. They stayed around and talked to this person,” he adds. At that point, the word spreads: “He tried to open the exit door.” The aircraft makes a longer turn. The emergency procedure starts and everyone in Pisa is alerted, including firefighters whose intervention ends up not being necessary.

Image: Facebook

“After a little bit they made the announcement: ‘As you have seen, there was this event, our goal is to bring you safely to the ground in the shortest possible time’. I must say that at that point we were a bit impressed.”

The staff then notifies the police that they are on track at the time of landing and they get on board as soon as the aircraft is stationary. The agents take over the man, he is a young man from Siena. He had a sudden psychological distress, he wanted to go out. He is sorry: it was an uncontrollable act. The police do all the checks and the story is reported to the commander who has the last word. He understands that this was an unpredictable problem, a very delicate issue; and so he decides to let it go. Of course, however, that passenger is now listed on the company’s black list and can no longer travel with them.