The terrorist alert returned to Rome after the police issued all its flying orders to trace a 27-year-old Syrian. In a telephone interception the young man would have said “tomorrow in Rome I will go to heaven”. 

The investigations conducted in great secrecy by the police allowed to exclude the presence of the Syrian in Italy.

italian police car carabinieri © ANSA

After reporting the 007 – one of the many that are daily examined by the police to find feedback and that weekly end up on the table of the House, the Anti-Terrorism Strategic Analysis Committee, for a more in-depth analysis – the Rome Police Headquarters has sent to all departments a “very urgent tracing report” of a subject with two different identities, to which a photo was attached.

The photo arrived at the patrols would show a boy with a beard, born in Syria on 5 May 1991. An image taken in Pariser Platz, in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. A symbolic choice perhaps. The same city where in 2016 Anis Amri, a Tunisian aged 25, threw himself with a truck into the crowd that visited one of the Christmas markets in the Charlottenburg district, causing 12 deaths and 56 wounded. Amri was then intercepted and killed in Italy, in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), while he was looking for contacts of an alleged network of extremist supporters. Perhaps the same ones on which the Syrian suspect could rely.