If after lunch we take the habit of taking a nap, our hearts will thank us. So good luck to you if you have the time for it! We wish we did!

Sleeping in the afternoon would in fact has the same benefits that are obtained by taking a low-dose anti-hypertensive drug, or by reducing the consumption of salt and alcohol. A study in fact gave the green light to the afternoon nap. We will no longer have to find excuses to close our eyes for half an hour, science says. And more precisely a study conducted by Manolis Kallistratos, of Asklepieion General Hospital in Voula, Gracia, which will also be presented in New Orleans, during the congress of the American College of Cardiology.


The researchers examined 212 over 60 year olds suffering from hypertension, checking them for 24 hours through a special portable instrument. The scholars then compared the average blood pressure of those who were accustomed to the afternoon siesta, with those who were not used to doing it instead. Well, in the 24 hours the first showed a maximum pressure of 5 millimeters of mercury lower than the others. And besides, for every hour spent sleeping, the pressure dropped by another 3 units.

These results would be entirely comparable with those obtained through other methods used to reduce pressure, such as reducing salt and alcohol consumption , or taking specific low-dose drugs. And then nap will also help memory, creativity and the ability to learn. Always better, however, not to overdo it, otherwise we could risk compromising the sleep-wake rhythm and at night we might have some problems falling asleep.