Lady Diana was interested in the sequel to Bodyguard , which she could have played in the lead role, reveals Kevin Costner. In the end nothing came of it, but the Princess said she was seriously interested in the proposal.

In a recent interview Kevin Costner explained that there was contact between him and Lady Diana for a possible sequel to ‘The Bodyguard’, the film Costner filmed with Whitney Houston in 1992. Acting as an intermediary between the actor and the Princess of Wales, was her sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson. “Sarah was very important” – explains Costner – “Thanks to her I started talking to Diana and she never intruded, she could have said” I’m a princess too “, instead she gave all her support to the idea of ​​having Diana as protagonist of the sequel “

Although Lady Diana agreed to the idea of ​​a script for the sequel to Bodyguard written for her and expressed some interest in what could have been her first film, she did not fail to express some concerns in this regard.

“I remember that when we talked on the phone she was very kind” – Costner recounts – “but she asked me “Will there also be a scene in which we kiss?” He said it respectfully, but there was a certain apprehension about it, because the her life was constantly under control. I told her there would be a scene like that, but we would try to manage it in the best possible way.”

Kevin Costner had already mentioned a possible collaboration between him and Lady Diana a few years ago. On that occasion the actor said he received the script of the film in August 1997, exactly the day before the death of the Princess.

In ‘The Bodyguard’ Kevin Costner interpreted bodyguard Frank Farmer, who finds himself watching over the safety of a pop star and actress, Rachel Marron, who receives threatening letters from a stalker who doesn’t seem willing to leave her alone. Initially the collaboration between Frank and the diva will not prove easy and there will also be clashes with Rachel’s entourage. Between dangerous situations and ambushes, the relationship between Frank and Rachel gets closer.

Source: movieplayer