A somewhat gloomy afternoon had us drive around to find a good cafeteria where to indulge in something sweet. It’s on occasions like these when you realise how much Maltese people love cafeterias! Anyway, to cut a long story short, we luckily found parking in Mosta and we decided to visit The Cake Box, just opposite the Basilica.

Image: Trip Advisor

The place was very busy and the wait for ordering at the counter was quite a long one, but traffic moved on and we managed to order. The variety was satisfactory and our eyes fell on the apple and cinnamon muffin together with the Chocolate brownie.

After ordering we managed to find seating, something we though would be difficult as the place was so busy. The table was cleaned just before we sat down and after a few minutes the server came with our order.


Apple and cinnamon muffin @ The Cake Box – Mosta. © Unravel Malta

The apple and cinnamon muffin was everything I wished it to be. Very moist and extremely tasty. It also had small pieces of apple on the inside and pecan pieces on top. I am not a big eater and this muffin was very filling, could barely make it through it all!

Hot chocolate @ The Cake Box – Mosta. © Unravel Malta

The hot chocolate was quite disappointing. It tasted mainly of water. Not sure if it had any milk in it to be honest. It was quite a lot of hot chocolate and I did not manage to drink it all, apart from the fact that I was not drinking it very enthusiastically. Others might like, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Chocolate brownie and Oreo milkshake @ The cake box – Mosta. © Unravel Malta

The chocolate brownie had a good taste to it was felt a little bit too dry. Must admit I have tasted better. However the Oreo milkshake was great! And to add, there was the possibility for me to have it with lactose free milk and panna! It did cost 20c more than the normal one, but worth the money.

All in all, prices at The Cake Box in Mosta are pretty reasonable and what I consider to be good value for money.