The funniest weekend of the year is coming: Carnival. Among masked parades, allegorical floats and confetti, Carnival is certainly one of the most anticipated parties, especially by children who, thanks to costumes, can become their favourite heroes for a few days.

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Carnival is also about originality and the most particular masks. For this reason, today we explain how to make at home, for you and for your children, a beautiful DIY Carnival costume, even better if made through the recovery of materials that would otherwise be thrown away as for example cardboard boxes.

As usual you do not need great knowledge of cutting and sewing but just a bit of imagination and lots of creativity.

Mad Hatter costume photography

For starters, why not try to make a unique disguise for the whole family? It’s simple, take cardboard boxes, cut the parts for the head and arms and apply on all sides some round food containers such as soup plates. Colour them and you will have made your wonderful DIY lego bricks costume.

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Always using a cardboard box you can turn into a washing machine. Follow the same procedure used to create the Lego brick costume and after having coloured the box, use some felt-tip pens and start drawing all the keys of the washing machine, including the door whose door can be obtained by recovering a plastic tray or a portion of transparent clingfilm.

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If you really want to win the race of the most original mask you can not try the gift box costume. In this case, the box will have to be covered with gift wrapping paper to which you can add a beautiful coloured and decorative ribbon and an ironic note or to be dedicated to a special person.

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Photography enthusiasts can instead give vent to their artistic vein and finally realise a digital camera costume. From the cardboard it is possible to obtain both the body of the machine and all the details that compose it, from the viewfinder to the buttons. To achieve the goal, you can use an old plastic bucket instead.

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p style=”text-align: justify;”>It’s simple right? Why don’t you try one out? Then send us your photos!