A terrible twist of fate, the one reserved for a well-known comedian who died on stage, amid the laughter of the audience who thought it was part of the act.

comedian dies on stage

Only a few minutes before, in fact, the British actor and showman, of Italian origins, Ian Cognito made a joke about accusing a serious illness and the spectators, believing that it waspart of the act, had exploded between laughter and applause.

The tragedy took place last weekend at, The Attic, in the south of England. Ian Cognito, aka Paul Barbieri, was 60 years old and was very well known in Britain as a ‘stand-up comedian’. During the show, Ian Cognito made this joke: “Can you imagine feeling seriously ill and then waking up speaking Welsh? Think if it should happen to me, in front of all of you”.

ian cognito comedian

Five minutes later, the drama: Ian Cognito sat on a chair, with his head and arms outstretched. Everyone, including the bar owner and presenter of the event, thought it was part of the act, but in reality it wasn’t.

“I thought it was a joke. I approached him and touched his arm, convinced that he would react by shouting “Boooh!”, explained Andrew Bird, presenter of the evening. After a few minutes, those present began to worry and realised that it was real. After asking for help, an ambulance arrived but practicing cardiac massage, failed to save the comedian. The causes of death are currently unknown.