White teeth are the ideal of beauty? Apparently not anymore, given that a new product seems to be out on the market and making huge success.

It is a product that allows you to have your own coloured teeth. Chrom allows you to colour your teeth in 10 different colors, and it lasts up to 24 hours.

dental dye

Those who feel bored with white teeth, or want to match them with the colour of their nails or dress, can now use an innovative “tooth enamel” to colour them as they like. Reportedly, the formula for Chrom was created by dentists and consists of a high-quality alcohol and colour pigment base. It does not stain your teeth, it is not permanent and has no taste, so as not to alter the taste of what you eat.

The full list of Chrom ingredients has not been disclosed for confidentiality reasons, but the company insists that the product is “100% safe” and can be easily removed by brushing teeth with normal toothpaste.¬†However, dentists are reluctant to agree on their safety, especially without knowing exactly what it contains.

teeth dye
Image: Chrom Tooth Polish

“I have no idea what’s in this product and about long-term security. It seems that the company does not want to give up the ingredients for confidentiality. Unfortunately this does not allow me to give this product an ok, not knowing what the long-term consequences are. It could be completely safe or not,” Dr. Ramin Tabib said. “If I’m putting something like that on my teeth, it is easily ingested, so I need to know exactly what I’m putting in my body”.

However the manufacturers of Chrom do not seem worried about skepticism, but are even thinking of expanding the range also creating a glitter line of tooth enamel.