Are you tired of looking for the perfect job? Don’t fret, the wait is over! No more stress over work, no need to look at any more work ads… We have what you have been looking for!

The art project Eternal Employment will be identifying an employee for the new Korsvägen station in Gothenburg, who will be paid to do exactly what he wants with his life. So, pack your stuff and off we go!

Korsvägen stationin GothenburgThere are precarious and underpaid jobs, which require hours and hours of commitment, stress and absolute availability in the face of anything but adequate compensation. And then there is what for many, and we mean MANY, could be the job of dreams. A permanent contract, with holidays, sickness, pension and so on, for a total of two net minutes of commitment a day. And a salary that should be around two thousand Euro a month. The curious proposal, which should go on to materialize in 2025, comes from Sweden and to be precise from Korsvägen stationen Gothenburg, currently under construction.

The task of the future employee will in fact be to open and close the station every day, turning the lights on and off at the set times. For the rest of the time, the employee will be free to engage in any other type of activity (as long as it is not paid), inside or outside the station. In short, everything you want, even go home to sleep, go to the gym, take care of the garden. Or take care of the station itself.

The idea will constitute a social experiment, called Eternal Employment, and according to reports from the portal Atlas Obscura was developed by the artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby using a budget of over 570 thousand Euro received from Public Art Agency Sweden to decorate the station. Instead of spending the money on installations and the like, the two artists have decided to invest them in what will become their work of art in the making, or the life of the employee.