The Dubai police started exercises with “flying bikes”

It seemed like a futuristic project, but that’s not it! The agents of the Dubai police started flying.

The Dubai police have in fact confirmed that the exercises of the agents have begun to drive the “hover bikes”, a sort of cross between a motorcycle and a drone, which is expected to be used in the future to access difficult-to-reach areas.


The eVTOL is part of an agreement signed in 2017, when Hoversurf presented a Hoverbike for the Dubai Police at the GITEX fair.

Brigadier General Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, director general of the Dubai Police Intelligence Department, said he hopes the agents are ready to use eVTOL in service by 2020. “We currently have two crews who are training [to drive the hoverbike] and we are increasing the number,” said Alrazooqi .