A house painter and decorator is the author of one of the most striking vendettas towards customers who do not pay off their debts: a few months ago he gained international fame by painting an angry inscription on a building he had painted, but for whose work he had not been paid.

The inhabitants of Bolsover, England, were surprised to see a particular message painted black on the cream-coloured exterior of the former North Star Club building: “Do you want me to paint your house? Don’t be like Terry, pay the bill! Now you will! “

The author of the writing was Dean Reeves, a local painter and decorator who had been hired to paint the building, but who refused to pay him £500 (about €600) of what was due. Tired of being asked to do additional work to get paid, the fifty-year-old painter decided to teach his client a lesson.

I gave him a quote for the job and he said he would give me the money right away, but he tried to change the job halfway,” said Dean Reeves . “He kept asking me for extra jobs. He said there were several jobs I had to do before I got paid. I worked hard for seven days. I didn’t take lunch breaks, I worked hard all week. He kept saying ‘I’ll pay you tomorrow’, but tomorrow never cameIt was my first job since Christmas, I have bills to pay and I need to get paid,” said the painter. “I don’t regret it and would do it again if I had to. I would never have been paid, but I wanted to make sure he had to pay something to cancel it.”

The client, on the other hand, denies the painter’s version and claims that he had every intention of paying the full compensation if he had finished the agreed work and filed a complaint against Reeves.