Even though we are aware that many have managed to watch all season 4of Money Heist in one day, we must let you know that… WARNING: major spoilers about the fourth season of Money Heist will follow…

Only a few days have passed since the fourth part of Money Heist debuted on Netflix, a Spanish series now an international phenomenon. Obviously, as we already said, the most hardcore fans have already seen all eight episodes of this season, also suffering the trauma of some death. And there are already those who wonder what the future of the Professor’s band will be. The streaming service has not yet officially confirmed the following season, although the cliffhanger that concludes the fourth can only suggest an ensured following.

Indeed, some rumours want that in Netflix projects there are a fifth and even a sixth season, and new filming should have started already in these weeks, if it were not that the coronavirus has blocked all the international sets.

In any case, the  most attentive have already noticed the clues that could suggest the continuation of the adventures of the robbers in the red suit. Let’s be clear, we are in the realm of absolute hypotheses, but the theories are rather suggestive.

In particular, some have noted that, as they move along the end credits of the last episode, after a few seconds into the credits (so most of you might have missed the details), you hear a voice that sings the song of the series, Bella Ciao. It’s that of  Najwa Nimri, the actress who plays the ruthless inspector Alicia Sierra. She is certainly still around, because we see her appearing right in the final sequence when – absolute spoiler! – she discovers the Professor’s hiding place.

Why would this be a fundamental clue? To sing Bella Ciao, hymn of the most revolutionary soul of Money Heist, were previously only the characters linked to Berlin and the Professor: therefore it would be a kind of ideological choice. And some have seen the allusion to a possible double game of Sierra, which is about to go to the side of the criminals.

Others ventured to suggest that Alicia would be Tatiana, the mysterious and lost wife of Berlin (which however we have seen in some flashbacks played by a different actress, although very similar to Nimri), or in any case a woman linked to her in some way. For sure, the series has accustomed us to really sensational turn-arounds: will we see one even during the fifth season? We hope so…