Ever feel grateful to elections on this little island? It’s when things start moving, when complaints start being heard, and where projects which are actually in favour of the general public start happening… After all the cranes we have been seeing going up and erecting rick buildings, we get the news about a National Park!


A €20 million investment towards the first national park for our country at 450,000 square metres. “We are implementing in practice our commitment to provide open spaces that can be enjoyed by families.” – Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Dr Muscat said that this National Park, which is one third the size of Hyde Park in London, will be planted with 80,000 trees and plant and it will be several recreational areas for families to all who visited. He continued to say that this project will not be the only example.

Image: Facebook

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Projects Capital Ian Borg, who heads the ministry worked to plan the concept of this project, and who will be in charge of its implementation, started by praising the action direct taken by the Planning Authority on a site which had been abandoned for a long time and thanked all employees who have been working on this project.

Ian Borg Ta Qali Project
Image: Facebook