Home deliveries operated by flying drones may still seem far from becoming reality. But the new architectural complex of Lyons Place, currently under construction in the west of London, has decided to look hopefully towards the future.

Drone building UK

Designed by the architectural firm Farrells and developed by Almacantar, it will be the first building in the English metropolis to be equipped with a small landing strip designed specifically for tomorrow’s couriers.

In addition to the 76 residential units that make up the residential complex, in fact, the Lyons Place will be equipped with a platform located on the roof of its main building, developed in collaboration with the company specialising in infrastructure for drones Skyports.

This, in short, will allow residents to receive their deliveries directly from the sky: according to Farrells architects. This is a project that will soon be used as an example for the development of new urban architectures, with the aim to promote the new connection possibilities offered by technology.