With the summer heat, wearing shoes is not always the best solution for the feet. But not even slippers always guarantee the required comfort. From the desire to find a happy medium, the Flip-Shoe was born, which as the name indicates is a cross between shoes and flip-flops.

According to the Link team, the Israeli startup that created these feather-weight shoes, they are ideal for going to work or doing yoga and shopping, but also perfect for wearing on the beach or in the pool.

The company claims that they can also be used for skateboarding and cycling, but there is still some doubt about the latter. However, the particular shape of the Flip-Shoe ensures protection to the fingers and reduces sweating of the foot, relying on a technology that promotes transpiration.

It may be because of their decidedly unconventional appearance, or perhaps because of the curiosity it triggers, but the Flip-Shoes have met with immediate success on Indiegogo, where in a few days they have collected over 32 thousand euros. To reserve a pair, in light blue or red, you need 61 euros, with the first deliveries scheduled for November.