It finally looks like we have all become more aware of what we are eating. Yes we do indulge in the occasional junk food frenzy but let’s admit, we have become more conscious about food. Some of us for the sake of our health, others obsessed with the scales and who both! So, which are the 5 most fatty foods in the world? Let’s have a look…


The famous snack, with caramel inside, and filled with chocolate is already in itself a calorie-rich food that, of course, clashes with a stale diet. There is, however, a fried variant that makes it even fattier. The chocolate bar, in fact, is also soaked in batter and then fried, melting oil, chocolate and caramel. Say welcome to the extra kilos!


To be honest, this sounds kind of yucky! Another “enemy” of the diet are doughnuts with bacon that, in America, are called “Doughnut Bacon Cheeseburger”: these doughnuts are fried first then glazed with sugar, then stuffed with meat and abundant amounts of cheese. Not everyone will like it, but if you’re going to put a little ‘fat can be the ideal dish!


Apparently, looking at the picture, we might think that it is a simple piece of fried chicken, sandwiched between two slices of bread, but in reality it is much more: the KFC Chicken Burger is composed of three slices of cheese and three of pancetta, enclosed between two strictly fried chicken breasts. For the series “we do not miss the fat” …


This dish, might look inviting but it is less so for the liver and for the diet, consists of pizza and hamburgers: only 700 calories is added to our body, while a hamburger is between 700 and 900, depending on the type of cooking and the meat of which it is composed. A caloric bomb, soaked in cheese and bacon: would you eat it?


The paradise of fats is reached by eating a nice fried cheesecake: well, if you eat a similar dish, it brings into your body the beauty of 1800 calorie, wrapped in batter and fried, as well as stuffed with other highly caloric ingredients. A portion of this food will be enough for you all day! If you are on a diet, it is highly discouraged, do not be tempted …