When it comes to transport and shipping, success is often in reducing space and wasting space. The creatives behind the British company Garçon Wines are also well aware of this and have created a special bottle for 100% eco-friendly wines. Because it is made of recycled material, which is in turn recyclable, light and above all, proof of waste of space.

The bottle in question, has in fact been substantially flattened compared to the traditional model with a circular base to which we are all accustomed, but without affecting the overall volume of what it can contain, which remains at 0, 75 litres. 

flat wine

This makes it more agile to wrap and send: Garçon Wines has in fact presented a special cardboard capable of enclosing 10 flat bottles in the same space occupied by 4 regular bottles. A clear saving of space, therefore, associated with an equally net emission savings for transport .

For the rest, the bottle has a screw cap and is made entirely of plastic. Recycled pet, to be precise, to be lighter and easier to recycle. Of course, replacing glass with plastic can be a questionable choice, and to date a similar solution could probably be taken into consideration only for low-end products or for markets that are not closely related to wine traditions. But the idea, especially in terms of design and the revolution of form in favour of a lower environmental impact, remains interesting.