The groom disappears during the wedding party at the time of the cutting of the cake and is found in the bathroom having sex in the bathroom with a friend. To tell the incredible story was Willy, singer at weddings, during the live program conducted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio.

“I’m a singer, I often perform at weddings. I want to tell you what happened in a wedding where I played,” said Willy. “I was in Abruzzo. They caught the groom celebrating in a strange way. He couldn’t be found, and they had to cut the cake. They thought he felt unwell, or that he went for a smoke. Instead, a relative of the bride found him in the bathroom… making love with a friend of his! For heaven’s sake, there is nothing wrong with making love between men, but if you have just married a woman and you get caught in the bathroom with a friend of yours … “

gay couple

“There is something wrong. Fortunately, they paid me anyway. The party didn’t end in blows, nobody beat themselves up, but the bride started crying and he wasn’t feeling so good either. His relatives came to me to tell me that I could stop playing because there was nothing to celebrate. In 29 years of doing this job, something like this had never happened to me.”