The husband forgets to buy chicken legs at the supermarket and she stabs him. A woman hurled herself at her husband, stabbing him to death, after the man returned home without the chicken legs she was supposed to prepare for dinner. The couple had a violent argument, which resulted in tragedy.

The event took place in Lujiang County, Anhui Province, China. The man returned home without the chicken so his wife took a kitchen knife and started to stab him. According to the Daily Mail report, the woman aimed directly at the heart with the intent to kill him. The victim’s relatives described the woman as a very spoiled and aggressive person. 

chicken legs killer

The neighbours told of continuous quarrels in the house, it seems that often the cries of the couple were heard by the whole neighborhood. That evening the man was at a business dinner when his wife called him to tell him to bring her chicken legs, but on his return he told her he had forgotten, sending the woman into a crazy frenzy. During the attack, the victim’s mother, who lived with them, was in the bathroom, so when she came out she saw her son hit in the chest and called for help. 

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. The couple also had two children, and it seems that the relationship between the two had cracked after the mother-in-law moved into the house. Now his wife has been arrested and is awaiting trial.