In a 300-page document the Chamber writes that there is “overwhelming evidence” that President Trump has withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for a promise to investigate Joe Biden and his son, putting his personal interests before those of the nation.

The intelligence commission of the House, which conducted investigations into the state prosecution of US President Donald Trump, controlled by the Democrats, concluded that the tycoon tried to blackmail Ukraine to gain a political advantage. The text of the report explicitly states that the president would withhold military aid for the Ukrainian government in exchange for promising to open an investigation into Joe Biden and his son. The president would thus “put his political and personal interests above those of the United States “. But not only that: he would also” use his job to encourage a foreign country to interfere in the election campaign of the 2020 elections“.
Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The text, a 300-page document, was approved by the Democrats, while all Republicans voted against it. This dossier arrives after two months of testimony , public and private, and reports in detail a campaign of pressure carried out by Trump and his circle for Ukraine to open an investigation to discredit the former vice president and candidate for the White House in 2020. To achieve this, the tycoon would leverage military aid to Kiev (about $ 400 million) and a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Washington.

If the Democrats speak of “overwhelming evidence“, the White House has replied – through the words of spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham – that it is instead an inquiry “farce “which” produced no evidence against Donald Trump “. Another charge made against the president is that he obstructed Congress during the investigation.
The president “believes he cannot be accused, that he is above any responsibility and therefore above the law,” said Adam Schiff, the Democratic deputy head of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. What the White House has called “meaningless statements by a low-level blogger“. However, the report states that “no other president has denied the Constitution and the power of Congress in this way“, and President Richard Nixon is also quoted – who underwent the same procedure in 1972 – explaining that, although he refused to produce fundamental evidence, he respected, unlike Trump, the authority of the Congress.

donald trumpWhat happens now?

The report will be transmitted and used as a basis by the Justice commission of the chamber to draft the articles of the indictment. Once established, the Chamber will have to vote to approve them or not (it should be noted that even in this case the majority of the commission will be democratic). If the House votes positively, a process will be established in which the senators will be the judges and will hear the facts of the parties involved: the Chamber in the guise of the prosecution and the lawyers of Trump in the guise of defense. All will be supervised by the judge in charge of the Supreme Court.

In the end, however, it will be up to the Senate to decide whether or not to remove the president. Here things could indeed get complicated considering that the majority is republican. To dismiss Trump requires a two-thirds majority, or 67 senators. The numbers now see 53 Republicans and 47 minority senators including 45 Democrats and two independents.