After long trying to convince members of his community to join him in trying to clean up the streets and beaches by collecting garbage, an Indonesian man decided to wear a Spider-Man costume in the hope of becoming more convincing.

Rudi Hartono, who works in a coffee shop in Pare-Pare, in South Sulawesi, has long tried to convince the residents of his small coastal community to make a greater effort to keep the area clean by collecting a lot of plastic trash scattered on roads and beaches, but was not successful.

When he started doing it in Spider-Man clothes, people started following him. It was all by chance: the first time, in fact, he bought the costume just to amuse his nephew (with little success), without imagining the consequences it would have on fellow citizens.

” At first, I did the same thing without wearing this costume, and it didn’t attract anyone’s attention to join and help collect the garbage, ” said the boy . “ After wearing this dress, the audience response was extraordinary. 

Rudi had purchased the Spider-Man costume in 2018, as a way to entertain his 2-year-old grandson, but the boy was afraid and started to cry every time he saw Rudi dressed like this, and as a result the costume remained unused for several months. Then, one day, the boy had the idea of ​​wearing it to go on one of his waste collection “missions”, and the community’s response was instantaneous.