Sooooo… It happens that an American teacher entrusted a task to her students: “Describe an invention that you do not like… one would imagine them to mention stuff to do with school… yet…

It took the sincerity of the children to make us stop on our footing, and assess the senseless usage smartphones and electronic gadgets that distract us from what is going on around us.

In America, Jean Adam Beason, a very wise teacher, proposed the following theme to her young pupils: “Describe an invention that you do not like”. The result was that 4 children out of 21, mentioned the same object: their parents’ mobile phone.

Image: Facebook (Jean Adam Beason)


It is easy to see where this dislike or hate, call it what you may, comes from. Children feel, and not only instinctively but with extreme clarity, that the mobile phone is an object used so compulsively, take time away from real, authentic relationships, those they want as children. They are aware, much more than their parents, how a smartphone can distract you from those around you. They understood that the Internet is a great community, and that it helps us get closer. However they also realised that it is a gigantic hoax of modernity out of our control.

Just enter a house of any family to realise it. Parents glued to the phone, and children placed in front of some video game, mobile phones at the table, between the cutlery while eating, like the guns in the Far West. And we are the first ones, mothers and fathers, then they end up following us.

This mass narcissism and the warning that comes from American students is just one of the many confirmations that the snitch of this delicate game is in our hands. We continue to preach to the children, we write books on the inconsistency of the fathers, but we fail, even at home, in our intimacy, to make a small gesture of common sense. Unplug. And set an example.

person holding using iPhone X


If you think about it, it’s what happened with smoking. There are entire generations who have learned to smoke emulating the sick habit of their parents, who did it at home without limits. And when smoking faults finally entered our consciences, when we began to stop smoking in front of them, then the children also lined up. Becoming even stricter than us. We need to do with the smartphone, just like we did with smoking. And it is needed soon, before the children turn their backs on their parents. Because of a damn mobile phone!