The hybrid prosthesis knee performs an automatic set-up in the first 20 steps of the patient, adapts to changes in speed and direction and is water resistant. The first hybrid knee is called 3E80, created by the union of a mechanical prosthetic joint with that of a hydraulic and electronic unit. 

The first to be tested in Italy is the 31-year-old ParaSnowboard athlete Alessandro Ossola, who was applied to the Maria Adelaide Orthopedic Workshop in Turin. 

Ginocchio ibrido per movimenti simili a quelli naturali
Image: Filippo Alfero

Regulated by a microprocessor, this knee allows the patient very similar movements to natural ones. Ideal for sports, the lithium battery has an autonomy of 96 hours. “I am more comfortable and safe,” explains Ossola, 31, a Paralympic national since 2017, after the

“We are pleased that Alessandro is the first in Italy to have this prosthesis – says Roberto Ariagno, of the Officina Ortopedica Maria Adelaide – because he has made sport a way of life”.