S Legend, a red and white Koi Carp bred in Japan, has become the most expensive fish ever sold, quoted at an incredible price of 203 million yen, over 1.5 million Euro.

S Legend is 101 cm long and is a fine example of the renowned Kohaku variety. The carp was bought by a Japanese collector after an auction held by the Saki Fish farm in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The fish won first prize at the prestigious All Japan Koi Show last year, and many are convinced that it will win its second title this year, which has greatly increased the interest of collectors.

Not much is known about the buyer, apart from the fact that the person is called Yingying and comes from Taiwan.

Japanese-Koi-Carp-Sold-For-203M-Yen“This is a record price paid for just one Koi carp,” expert Tim Waddington told reporters. “A 101 cm fish is very large, and is also of the most valuable variety, the Kohaku. People in the world of Koi carp are enthusiastic about the sale as it is an incredible price for a single fish. The previous best price was around 400,000 pounds [55 0,000 Euro] . It really is a crazy world “

Enthusiasts are also enthusiastic because they expect the price of the fish to attract further attention to the prestigious event, which in addition to fans easily attracts many onlookers from around the world to see the most expensive fish ever sold.

The one conquered by S Legend is the price record for a live fish. For a dead fish instead, it goes to a 222-pound red tuna sold at auction, also in Japan, for 155 million yen (1.22 million Euro).