It was a Chinese businessman who won a bottle of “Dalmore 62”, a 62-year-old whiskey, for a record 250,000 Singapore dollars, about 200,000 US dollars.

expensive whiskeyThe bottle, part of a limited edition of just 12, was bottled in 1949 and the price beat that of a bottle of 64-year-old whiskey (still produced by Dalmore), sold in London 3 months ago for $ 188,000.

It has been calculated that the new owner has paid about $12,000 per glass. A very expensive drink indeed! That is if the owner drinks it… because a manager of United Spirits, the company that owns the Dalmore brand, points out that a bottle of this kind lends itself to being an investment. In fact, with further aging the value could rise again, and by a lot, allowing large gains to the owner.

Dalmore 62