Sinkholes? Oh we know something about those on this tiny island! A little bit of heavy rain and there they appear. being added to what was already there. And we have to keep on trying to avoid them until someone finally patches them up… only to see them reappear in no time!

Image: CBS Interactive Inc.

However, the story behind a sinkhole in a quiet Florida suburb is quite different. It was not a sinkhole like we know it, even though it perfectly looked like one! The sinkhole was a mystery tunnel leading to a bank. This is what Florida public works employees who were dispatched to repair a sinkhole in the road found out.

On arrival, they could see what others didn’t. There were electrical cords inside it, as well as a small generator. The FBI and the Pembroke Pines police were called on site and agents and officers found a winch, a pickaxe and a small wagon in a very narrow trench running under the road and a wooded area, and stopping just short of a Chase Bank branch.

The diggers appeared to be aiming for the ATMS outside the bank. The sinkhole was not meant to be there, however, recent rains may have caused the tunnel to collapse in on itself, creating the sinkhole in the road.

Authorities have no idea who dug the hole or when. However it had to be someone who is very thin and is not scared of confined spaces. This is because the tunnel’s diameter measured just 2 to 3 feet!