Will be introduced in the coming months and among the goodies there are the face with nose, mustache and glasses, the one that smiles with a tear that falls, the one with the hat of Santa Claus and also the most famous Italian gestures in the world of “but what do you want? “.

There is no doubt that gender equality is at the center of the new update led by the transgender flag heavily sponsored by Google and Microsoft . Virtually every dress and every “situation” will have all possible gender variations including the person with a wedding veil or tuxedo. The same applies to the baby breastfed by a bottle strongly desired by Mountain View. The goal is not to leave anyone out and make everyone feel represented.

(Photo: Emojipedia)

When will the new 2020 emojis be exploited? If we keep the same roadmap of last year ( here the news 2019 ) we could expect a release towards next autumn . It will be gradual by operating system, device and software.

Speaking of emojis, here’s how they were born and the most requested of the moment, that of Baby Yoda.

Source: Emojipedia
 Scrolling through the list of real new emojis, there are animals like the seal, the beaver, the white bear or the bison, more extinct species like the mammoth and the dodo . Peppers and blueberries land among foods, bubble tea among drinks and Swiss fondue among national specialties. The lift symbol, anatomical parts such as hearts and lungs, toothbrush and boomerang, up to the staircase, screwdriver and saw but also magic wand, mirror and a tomb will also be introduced.