Everyone’s heard about it, but do we know all the details? Well, to start with, the government will spend €5 million to help 1,800 low income households rent property in which they live. This will replace existing subsidy, and it is being calculated not only on the income of the applicant, but also on their expenditure on rent.

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To qualify for benefits on rent under this scheme you need to meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a tenant recognised by the owner of a private house which is making the application;
  • The applicant has already made a contract with the owner, covering six months or more or temporary lease not exceeding 21 years, who shall submit a copy to the Authority;
  • The applicant is a citizen of Malta or the European Union, or has a refugee status, subsidiary protection or possess a state of long term Residence. In the case of non-separated spouses, it is enough for only one party to be Maltese or a European Union citizen;
  • Applicants must have been resident in Malta for at least eighteen consecutive months, prior to the date of application;
  • The residence on the application is in a good state of repair and in habitable condition;
  • The use of the premises as ordinary residence is lawful and in accordance with the contractual obligations of the lease.

So how will this work out exactly? Well, the benefit on rent will be based on annual income and the rent paid by the applicant. The following table shows the maximum revenue that the applicant can have in order to be eligible for this benefit, as well as the maximum amount of benefit that each applicant is entitled to:

Category Family members Maximum Income Maximum Benefit
1 Person Alone € 14,700 € 3,600
2 One parent with one child € 19,050 € 4,800
3 One parent with two or more children € 23,400 € 5,000
4 Two adults without children € 19,000 € 3,600
5 A couple with one child € 23,800 € 4,800
6 A couple with two or more children € 28,600 € 5,000
7 Three or more adults living together € 27,900 € 5,000


Do you think you’re eligible? You should then apply. A person who qualifies for benefits on rent under this scheme may submit an application to the Authority during working days and office hours. Applications can be obtained from the Housing Authority and the branch of the Housing Authority in Gozo. The form can also be submitted from the www.housingauthority.gov.mt website.