IKEA and smart home is an almost mathematical combination, already a reality for some time, but still with enormous unexplored potential. The great technological giants – of the calibre of Google, Amazon and Apple – stand to accelerate the domotic revolution and the Swedish company has no intention of being caught unprepared, but rather has the ambition to dictate the line in the near future.

In fact IKEA has officially announced a massive investment campaign in the smart home sector, in order to test new ideas and solutions and launch products on the market that can satisfy the demanding clientele, which is increasingly thirsty for the future and technology.

In July, IKEA decided to rename its smart lighting line from the coffiophonic TRADFRI to the most catchy and immediately recognisable IKEA Home Smart, while continuing to keep the door open for compatibility with all major smart systems, from Google Assistant to Siri and Alexa. In addition, it has intensified collaboration with Sonos for products that combine decor, multimedia and artificial intelligence.

Soon, IKEA shelves will be populated by more and more products controllable via smartphone or interaction with a smart speaker, like the smart curtains that will debut in the United States as early as October. IKEA is therefore at the forefront of tomorrow’s smart home and are you ready?