We have seen models of headphones that pay homage to emojis, others in the shape of a banana, but the panda was missing so far.

The bear from China is the protagonist of the HugPhones project, a pair of headphones integrated, in fact, in the plush of the animal symbol of the WWF. Designed by a Danish couple who combines spatial knowledge (he, Ole Busborg Jensen) and medical devices (she, Magdalena Piwnik), the plush has been designed to help children, attracting their attention and reassuring them in moments of fear and displeasure, such as when they have to be punctured, or burst into tears over a denial of their parents.

Characteristic and easily recognisable even from a distance, the teddy bear connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone to listen to the stored songs, has a memory foam headrest , a noise cancelling function and a volume limiter to not exceed 85 decibels, so as to protect the hearing of children, whose mood can also be positively influenced by the LED logo that changes colour.

Other noteworthy features include the autonomy of 16 hours, the integrated pocket to hide the cables, including the one for USB charging, and a microphone for video games.

Anyone wishing to give them to their son or grandson can pre-order the panda-headphones here at a price of 89 euros (to which approximately 20 euros must be added for shipping) and wait for the next month to receive them at home.