“Why can dogs and not him?” Protests a lady who wanted to enter the bar holding “him” on a leash. The “him” was a pig, a cute little plump pig – just like a bulldog.

The woman is now quite well-known in Rome: many have seen her on the streets of Testaccio, or Trastevere, or downtown while walking her pig, very proud of her eccentric pet. This time she appears in a well-known and crowded bar, during the lunch break, but a waiter invites her to go out: pigs are not welcome in the bar.

The lady does not agree, and her protest raises a question far from trivial: today dogs are allowed in any public place, because a well-kept, clean and polite pig does not have the same rights? And on the other hand, if you open the doors to piglets, how do you then deny citizenship to hens, turkeys, calves, goats and sheep? Can a modern metropolis be an old farm at the same time?

But the discussion between the waiter and the client in the bar does not come to deal with such broad questions, on the contrary it ends immediately: the quadruped remains outside, and the only pig that has permission to enter is the ham that is inside to the sandwiches.