Cleaning operations with modern vacuum robots are virtually automated, and have achieved a high level of accuracy. However, some limits still persist, since these machines, not being technically able to climb and descend the steps of the stairs, are limited to the cleaning of single-storey houses. In these cases the only solution is therefore to physically bring the robot to the second floor and start it.

Peter Sripol, a youtuber and electronic engineer, not happy with this situation, has created a very particular project: the flying Roomba. Asking for help from his friend William Osman, he purchased an inexpensive Ecovacs Deebot N78 robot for $ 69.99 on the internet and then changed it by installing three small fans at three points in the circumference of the robot vacuum cleaner, controlled through a transmitter RC.

The modification process is well told in a video (visible below), where it can be seen that in the prototype of the flying robot the battery is placed above it.


The final product is therefore an automated vacuum cleaner that is able to face the stairs, even if in order to control it, the presence of a human operator who uses the special remote control is still required.

It is an interesting project, but also quite expensive; Sripol said the electronics purchased to modify the vacuum cleaner cost around $ 200, practically more than triple the price of the original product.