Throughout the years, we have had various complaints about the Mdina ditch parker. We ourselves had the misfortune of clashing with said parker. It seems that this person never changes attitude, and most probably has someone protecting him since he keeps harassing drivers over and over again.

Transport Malta should ensure that car park attendants who harass motorists are reprimanded. But is this happening? Is Minister Borg too busy planning roads to make sure that other duties are fulfilled?

This parker (and it seems he is not the only one but the one most people complain about), has harassed drivers, asking them to pay a fixed fee (people have mentioned a €2 fee) despite Transport Malta regulations stating this was not allowed. However while the process to take action against a number of car park attendants had been initiated in the past, these would often fall through as there was not enough solid evidence. So what should the general public do? Should we start filming such harassment? But wouldn’t it be then breach of privacy?

People keep asking whether they are obliged to tip the parker. The answer is NO! Just as it is your choice whether or not to tip a waiter, same goes for parkers. It is your choice whether to tip or not. The signs in our public car parks are very clear…

When we got out fair share of clash with the Mdina ditch parker, we ended up informing him that if he keeps following us for money, we would be calling the police. That did the trick back then, but honestly enough we did refrain from parking there from then on. It is unacceptable to have someone threaten you for tips, after all it’s not like they’re safeguarding our cars… let’s be honest! And whilst not all car park attendants are as rude (some actually do deserve a tip!),  we believe that there should be team of inspectors to monitor sites to ensure parkers adhere to the rules, which include wearing a tag that proving that they are licensed and not asking for any money.

Nobody should be forced to pay any parker at a public car park. This is flagrant abuse by the parkers, which is harming our country since said parker is rude and aggressive with tourists as well.

To report abuse by car park attendants, call Transport Malta on freephone 80072393.