Fundraising champion on Indiegogo, Autoblow Ai is ready to officially debut as the most advanced sex toy dedicated to oral sex for men. The claim that accompanies this gadget that uses artificial intelligence is that it provides the “perfect blowjob” that can be translated very cautiously as a perfect service. A specific type of service, of course.

Autoblow has reached the fourth generation after having debuted in 2008 and having renewed in 2014 with Autoblow 2 and in 2016 and 2017 respectively with the 2+ and 2 + Xt models . In 2019 the evolutionary leap by exploiting one of the tech trends of the moment like artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect something like half a million dollars on Indiegogo , wiping out a large competition of other sex toys in search of funds.

(Photo: Autoblow)

How does Autoblow Ai work? Certainly not discreet with its 20 x 18 x 7.5 cm, it uses an elaborate mechanism protected by a patent and guarantees full control of the action with buttons to pause, increase or decrease the intensity and to start a method of use.

There are ten in all that have been developed through deep feedback with various testers around the world. According to a sort of accompanying documentary, some volunteers in Serbia had to play with the click of a mouse with the action observed on video on Pornhub, instructing Autoblow Ai how to best express their kind services.

The result is precisely the collection of nine modalities that reproduces, if one can say so, a vast variety of styles of action both in terms of intensity and of movement as well as of imprinted rhythm. The tenth and final mode is called Full Ai Experience, that is full experience of artificial intelligence and combines all the previous ones in a random way, thus introducing the element of surprise .

The gadget works connected to the power socket as it has no battery, so for those who travel often or for those who want a certain greater freedom, they will have to resign or work with a nice extension cord.

Those who have tried it have already found even small defects such as considerable noise . In short, not really the definitive sex toy, even if it defines itself as the best of its kind. The same creator Brian Sloan said that at least another five or seven years will have to pass before reaching a very efficient result. The next step will be the robots ?