There are marriages that last a lifetime. Some go on for years and some unfortunately just for a few months. But what happened in Kuwait is undoubtedly the shortest of 2019, not to mention history! In fact, the wedding of a couple of Kuwaiti only lasted a couple of minutes… 3 to be exact!

Certificate of Divorce printer paper beside twist penAll was good after the fateful yes and the exchange of rings, but then, at the exit of the building where the union had taken place, the new wife stumbled in the wedding dress, with her husband who exclaimed the word: ” Stupid “. I mean, hellooooo! That was so stupid to say! Right?

Looks like he had never done it before and so it came as a surprise to the bride. As soon as she heard the offense, the woman did not think about it more than once, went back into the courtroom, turned to the same judge who celebrated their marriage ceremony and asked for a divorce.

If like the Maltese saying goes, ‘Il-ġurnata minn filgħodu turik’… then you can not blame this woman, who is without a husband but with a story to tell!